Google Pay Integration

You can integrate with Google Pay to process payments on your website.

There are two ways to integrate with Google Pay. You can self-register or leverage Converge's registration with Google Pay.


To set up Google Pay on your website, do the following:

  1. Complete all the steps mentioned in the Deploy Production Environment of Google Pay API and obtain the Merchant ID from the business console.
  2. Follow the procedure on the Google Pay tutorial to integrate your website and obtain the Google Pay Payload. Example codes are available on that page.
  3. Pay attention to the gateway and gatewayMerchantId fields:
const tokenizationSpecification = {
     type: 'PAYMENT_GATEWAY',
     parameters: {
          'gateway': 'convergepay', // This must be set to convergepay.
          'gatewayMerchantId': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' // This can be any merchant identifier string that you choose.
  1. Pay attention to the merchantId field:
function getGooglePaymentDataRequest() {
     const paymentDataRequest = Object.assign({}, baseRequest);
     paymentDataRequest.allowedPaymentMethods = [cardPaymentMethod];
     paymentDataRequest.transactionInfo = getGoogleTransactionInfo();
     paymentDataRequest.merchantInfo = {
          // @todo a merchant ID is available for a production environment after approval by Google
          // See {@link}
          // merchantId: '12345678901234567890',
          merchantName: 'Example Merchant', // The merchant name that you registered with Google Business Console must be used here.
          merchantOrigin: '', // The merchant website that you registered with Google Business Console must be used here.
          merchantId: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX' // The merchant ID that is available on the Google Business Console must be used here.
     return paymentDataRequest;
  1. Once you have completed the registration process with Google, you will have a key-pair set that you have to use to decrypt the tokens that Google will give you. You will get one set for production and one set for non-production. Please provide Converge with the keyset by contacting the helpdesk in order to effectively leverage our shared decryption solution. Note that keyset data is sensitive so please make sure to encrypt your message before sending it.

Registration with Converge

Converge is registered with Google Pay and merchants can be added under this registration. To leverage Converge's registration with Google, contact the helpdesk with the full URL of your HPP page in order to get the HPP page registered with Google Pay. You can also reach out to the helpdesk to know what your exact merchantId should be.

Enable Google Pay from the Back Office UI

You can enable Google Pay from the Payments Settings page. This allows customers to use Google Pay payments for their transactions. To do this, simply select the Google Pay check box. By enabling Google Pay, you agree that you have read and consented to the Google Pay API Terms and Conditions.