What is Converge?

Converge is a new product offering for our EU customers. It is an in-house built solution that allows e-commerce and MOTO customers to accept card payments in their business.

The product offering comes with three integration methods:

  • Hosted Payments Page (HPP) – for e-commerce customers who don’t want to handle card details themselves, the HPP is hosted on our servers, which means cardholder information is collected securely and not stored on the customer’s server. HPP is the simplest integration option and can be configured through the merchant’s back office.
  • Lightbox - works with our HPP. Uses JavaScript to display a pop-up window on the customer’s website instead of redirecting the cardholder to a browser payment form.
  • REST APIs - the list of APIs made available for direct integration. APIs use JSON to send and receive data. This option requires more development effort and would be aimed towards larger customers or partners capable of handling and securing cardholder information on their servers.

What is a hosted payments page?

A hosted payments page is a page hosted outside of your website that can 

A hosted payments page is hosted by Elavon "outside of your website" and offloads 

What are the requirements for a hosted payments page?

To host a website that contains a hosted payments page, your server will need to meet a set of minimum security standards including running on the HTTPS protocol and using TLS version 1.2 or greater.

Shoppers accessing the hosted payments page will need to use a supported browser. The hosted payments page is tested and confirmed to run on the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox and 1 version prior.

The hosted payments page does not run on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software that extends the capability of a standard software application. Sometimes, they are also referred to as add-ons or extensions. These plugins may be built in-house or by partners. All plugins have been tested by Elavon prior to release.

Which of the main open-source e-commerce platforms are being built and what features are supported?

The following plugins have been developed for Converge with the functionality currently available.

Available functionalities:

Transaction Processing

  • Sale (with and without deferred capture)
  • Auth Only
  • Full Refund
  • Partial Refund
  • Void

Supported Card Types

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Diners
  • JCB

The following are being developed and expected to be complete by Q4 2019:

  • PrestaShop
  • Magento 2 (Community and Enterprise)

Examples of enhancements coming soon:

  • 3DSecure 2.0
  • Pay By Link
  • Stored Shopper
  • Card on File Manager (Stored Cards)
  • Recurring Billing Capability
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Multi-Currency Conversion

What does a customer or developer require to get started?

The following items are required to get started:

  • Existing/new online store (setup on the customer's server or via a hosting service)
  • IP whitelisting for Converge UAT AWS environment
    • The customer/developer must provide the IP address of the originating server where their store is hosted. The product team will create a Jira ticket to request the whitelisting from the ATC Group (Automated Tooling and Cloud)
    • This is an interim security measure; in the near future there is a plan to have an open UAT environment
  • Converge account
    • Processor Account ID
    • Merchant Alias
    • Public Key
    • Secret Key
  • Plugin (a downloadable zip file), installation steps, and user instructions are available on the Elavon Developer Portal.

What is the process for technical support?

The Converge Helpdesk is the dedicated technical team for Converge and Plugins:

Converge Helpdesk
Email: mailconvergehelpdesk@elavon.com.
Support hours: 9am-5pm Monday – Friday GMT
Telephone # for customers: UK 0345 604 2329 / Ireland 1850 924177