October 2022

Back Office UI Changes

  • Multi-Factor Authentication - MFA is now added to Converge as a security feature. This adds a layer of protection to your accounts against unauthorized access by requiring users to provide additional authentication methods during login. MFA will be rolled out in two phases. The first phase will allow you to opt-in early to MFA while the second phase will require all users to enrol in MFA. Notifications will be sent via messages within the application.
  • Pay-by-Link - Added link from the Transaction details panel to the corresponding payment link, if applicable, for easier viewing of the payment link's details and history.
  • Layout Changes - Moved the modal screens for Fraud Rule Sets to separate pages.
  • Login Page - Added support contact information on the page.
  • Email Templates - Updated the look and feel of email templates sent by Converge to users.
  • Support Details - Updated the phone number for Ireland.

General Changes

  • Made minor changes for performance and security improvements.
  • Added accessibility improvements for assistive technologies.