November 2021

Back Office UI Changes

  • Added a recurring transaction option to the receipt delivery settings that controls whether an email receipt should be sent for transactions generated from subscriptions.
  • Updated the cookie policy.
    • Added a tracking cookie to be used for gathering analytics about application use.
    • Added an option for users to opt out of this cookie.
  • Added accessibility improvements.
  • Fixed an issue that did not allow managers to refund transactions in certain scenarios.
  • Improved error handling for invalid color spaces when uploading logos (INC2455599).

Hosted Payments Page Changes

  • Added Polish language support.

Email Template Changes

  • Improved logo display for certain email clients (INC2801824).

API Changes

  • Added doSendReceipt flag in the Subscriptions resource that controls whether an email receipt will be sent for each transaction generated from that subscription.
  • Enabled configuration of expiresAt flag in the Payment Sessions resource.

General Changes

  • Added security and performance enhancements.