June 2023

Back Office UI Changes

  • Rebranding - Renamed the application from Converge to Elavon. This includes changes to texts, labels, and logos.
  • Feedback - Added Qualtrics support. This allows users to provide feedback using Qualtrics as a survey tool in order to help improve the application.
  • US Localization - Added support for US English localization of text, date, and time. This also includes updates to various areas for US customers, specifically the legal and policy pages, support contact information, and merchant emails.
  • Navigation - Added mobile responsiveness enhancements to the following pages: Customer Overview, Receipt Settings, and Pay-by-Link Settings.

API Changes

  • New Resources - Added the following resources below. Note that these resources are for NA merchants only.
  • New Fields - Added the following fields to the resources below. Note that fields for Apple Pay and Google Pay are for NA merchants only.
  • Updated Fields - Updated the following fields to the resources below.
    • Hosted Cards - deprecated threeDSecureV1 and returns a validation error if provided.
    • Payment Sessions - originUrl now allows multiple space-delimited URLs.
  • Updated Enums and Types - Updated the list of options to the enums and types below.
    • CredentialOnFileType - added subscription, unscheduledCardholderInitiated, unscheduledMerchantInitiated; deprecated initial, unscheduled.
    • VerificationResults - added cryptogramSecurity.
    • Card - added paymentAccountReference.


  • Refactored billing for better performance and handling of high volumes.

Bug Fixes

  • The following known issue from a previous version has been fixed: When requesting a payment link, you can add any valid ISO currency code. However, it should check based on the available processors for the merchant so that the transaction cannot continue with an unsupported currency code.

General Changes

  • Added security, performance, and reliability enhancements.
  • Added accessibility improvements for assistive technologies.