July 2022

Back Office UI Changes

  • Pay-by-Link Management - You can now effectively manage and track all the payment links that you have created. A guided tour is also available to help you understand the new features implemented on this page, which are the following:
    • Create payment link reminders - Send an email reminder to customers with the payment link's details.
    • Manage link statuses - View active links and cancel them if they are no longer needed.
    • Track payment link changes - View payment link details including the changes made to them by all users.
  • Cookie Settings - This allows you to manage your cookie settings. You can access the Cookie Settings page either from the login page or from your account menu.
  • Sitemap - This is a list of pages within the Back Office UI. It allows you to view the relationships among the pages and to easily navigate them. You can access the sitemap from your account menu.
  • Subscriptions - Added the Email Receipt checkbox when editing subscriptions. This allows you to choose if a separate receipt will be emailed for each transaction.
  • Layout Changes - Moved the modal screens for Account, Plans, Transactions, Users, Support, and Feedback to separate pages. The layouts of these forms have also been changed to improve accessibility.
  • Filters - Grouped transaction date filters into the Filters button and added a new filter for cancelled payment links.

API Changes

  • New Fields - Added the following fields to the resources below. Note that these fields are only for NA merchants and are reserved for future use. 
  • New Filters - Added the following filters when retrieving the resources below.