April 2022

3DS Rule Changes

  • The logic in the 3-D Secure authentication fraud rule has been updated to offer more protection to users who wish to avoid chargeback liabilities on e-commerce transactions. This update performs the following:
    • Prevent transactions from being processed where 3-D Secure authentication was attempted but not performed successfully.
    • Prevent transactions from going through where liability is not shifted to the card issuer.
    • May decline some transactions that would have been previously approved.
  • The rule also offers the ability to hold transactions that don't pass the updated 3-D Secure authentication in a review queue where they can be acted on in a case by case basis, if desired. The 3-D Secure authentication fraud rule can be configured with the rest of the fraud rules in the Back Office UI settings.

API Changes

  • Added cancelledBy and createdBy fields in the Payment Links resource. These fields allow you to capture the users who cancelled or created the payment links, respectively.

General Changes

  • Added security and performance enhancements.
  • Added accessibility improvements.