Converge User Roles

Account Roles Specific Duties


Admins have permission to view, create, delete, and modify all accounts in Converge. Examples of specific admin duties include the following:

  • Perform any available action in Converge.

  • Create, view, and change all accounts and rule sets (e.g., fraud rule sets) by using the Account Manager feature.

  • Provide user access for any role type.


Managers can create and edit user access for certain accounts. Examples of specific manager duties include the following:

  • View and change accounts they have access to by using the Account Manager feature.

  • Grant user access to specific accounts.

  • Delete customer profiles.

  • Process voids and refunds.

Sales Agent

Sales Agents can process sales and view accounts they have permission to access. They can also create and modify customers, plans, and subscriptions. They cannot access the Account Manager or Users tab.