Converge Accounts

The Accounts feature allows you to create multiple, distinct transaction ledgers. You can also configure accounts in individual ways across a variety of features. This gives you the option to use Accounts to support numerous business lines, locations, related entities, etc.


The table below provides descriptions of how Converge features operate across accounts.

Features  Account Relationship



Transactions and subscriptions are unique for each Account. 


Converge shares customer profiles across all Accounts. This includes access to stored cards, contact information, transaction data, and subscription data. You will not be able to modify transactions and subscriptions from a customer profile if you do not have access to the account they belong to.


Converge gives you the option to share users across Accounts. You can assign users to multiple Accounts or only one. You can also manage user permissions within an Account or the Account Manager.

Fraud Rule Sets

Converge gives you the option to create multiple fraud rule sets. A rule set can be applied to a single Account or shared across multiple Accounts.



Payment Links

Hosted Payments

Receipts, Payment Links, and Hosted Payments are unique in each Account. You can duplicate the appearance of these features but they function independently.


Plans are unique in each Account. 

Payment Settings

Account Settings

All of these settings are unique in each Account.

Payment Options

Processor Account


These settings are applied the same to all Accounts: 

  • Acquirer

  • Settlement Currency

  • Accepted Payments

  • MCC (Merchant Category Code)

  • DCC (Dynamic Currency Converter)