Delete Plan

A plan can be deleted if it is no longer needed. A plan cannot be deleted if it has active subscriptions associated with it. You must cancel subscriptions associated with a plan first before you can delete it.

Back Office UI

Delete a Plan

  1. Click the Recurring menu item.
  2. Click the Plans tab.
  3. Select the plan that you want to delete. The corresponding plan info appears.
  4. Click the Actions button, then select Delete Plan. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  5. Click the Delete Plan button to proceed.

API Integration

Converge API Resource: Plans

Delete Plan

  1. Send a Delete Plan DELETE request to /plans/{id}, where id is the plan's resource id. Below is an example of a complete URL where to send the request:
  2. No response is sent if the request is successful. If an error is encountered, a response is sent from the /plans endpoint.


The following is example of a JSON request for deleting a plan.


For response examples, and for the complete and detailed list of parameters, see the Plans resource.