Create Payment Link

Payment links are sent to customers for them to make payments for transactions. These are links to your hosted payments page. They can be either sent using the Converge email template or as a URL that can be pasted on an email or other online communication platforms.

Payment links have a set duration. You can set the expiration date of a payment link up to one year from its creation date. Once a payment link is expired, it can  no longer be used and you will need to create a new one, if necessary.

Back Office UI

Before you can create payment links, the pay-by-link feature must be first enabled. Go to Settings > Pay-by-Link to enable the feature. You can also configure pay-by-link settings from this page, such as the default link expiration, default email subject line, and various appearance settings.

Create a Payment Link

  1. See steps 1 to 6 under Create a Transaction in the One-off Payment page.
  2. In the Payment Method section, click the Pay-by-Link button.
  3. Select the Link Format. Options are the following:
    • Send using Converge email template - Select this option to send the payment link to the customer's email. Converge will use a preformatted email template when sending the payment link.
    • Generate URL to copy/paste - Select this option to generate a URL for the payment link. This option gives you more flexibility on how to deliver the payment link to the customer. For example, the payment link could be embedded in your own custom email template, sent through SMS, etc.
  4. In the Link Expiration section, enter the Expiration Date. You may also click the calendar icon to select the date. Note that the expiration date cannot be earlier than the current date and must be within one year from the current date.
  5. Enter the Time when the payment link will expire on the selected expiration date. You may also click the time icon to select the time details.
  6. In the Customer section, do one of the following:
  7. If the link format selected is Send using Converge email template, do the following:
    1. To change the default email subject line, toggle the Override default email subject line button and enter the new Email Subject Line.
    2. To add a custom message to the email, toggle the Add email message button and enter the Email Message that you want to add regarding the payment link.
  8. Depending on the selected link format, click the Send Email or Generate Link button to proceed.
  9. If the selected link format is Generate URL to copy/paste, the Payment Link URL window appears. Click the Copy URL and Close Window button to proceed.

API Integration

Converge API Resource: Payment Links

Create Payment Link

  1. Send a Create Shopper POST request to the /payment-links endpoint.
  2. In your request, set the following parameters:
    • expiresAt - The expiration date and time of the payment link. The date and time must be within one year of the current date. This is required.
    • doCapture - The action that will be passed on to the transaction. If set to true, the transaction will capture for settlement. If set to false, the transaction will authorize only.
    • total - The total amount of the transaction. This is required. It contains the fields below:
      • amount - The actual value of the transaction. This is required.
      • currencyCode - The ISO 4217 three-letter currency code. This is required.
    • shopperEmailAddress - The customer's email address where the receipt will be sent.
    • shopper - The shopper resource URL.
  3. Wait for the response from the /payment-links endpoint. In the response, take note of the following:
    • id - The payment link resource ID. This is used for retrieving and updating the payment link.
    • url - The payment link. This is the link sent to the customer for them to proceed with the transaction.


The following is an example of a JSON request for creating a payment link for a EUR 10.00 transaction that expires on June 30, 2022 at 12:00 PM.

    "expiresAt": "2022-06-30T12:00:00.000Z",
    "total":  {
                  "amount":  "10.00",
                  "currencyCode":  "EUR"

The following is an example of a successful JSON response to the request above.

    "href":  "",
    "id":  "2vtdbjxphdj9dh8pfgt3kffwbfcj",
    "merchant":  "",
    "account":  "",
    "url":  "",
    "returnUrl":  null,
    "createdAt":  "2022-06-01T17:39:36.058Z",
    "createdBy":  null,
    "modifiedAt":  "2022-06-01T17:39:36.058Z",
    "expiresAt":  "2022-06-30T12:00:00.000Z",
    "cancelledAt":  null,
    "cancelledBy":  null,
    "doCancel":  false,
    "doCapture":  null,
    "description":  null,
    "total":  {
                  "amount":  "10.00",
                  "currencyCode":  "EUR"
    "debtorAccount":  null,
    "orderReference":  null,
    "shopperEmailAddress":  null,
    "shopper":  null,
    "customReference":  null,
    "customFields":  null

For more request and response examples, and for the complete and detailed list of parameters, see the Payment Links resource.