Cancel Payment Link

Payment links can be cancelled instead of waiting for them to expire. This is useful if the payment link is no longer needed. This allows you to prevent unnecesarry transactions that customers might make from unneeded payment links.

Cancelled payment links are immediately disabled and cannot be reactivated. When you cancel a payment link, customers will not be notified. You may need to notify them regarding the cancelled payment link and send them a new one, if required.

Back Office UI

Cancel a Payment Link

  1. Click the Payments menu item.
  2. Click the Pay-by-Link tab.
  3. Select the payment link that you want to cancel. Ensure that the status of the payment link you are selecting is active. The corresponding payment link info appears.
  4. Click the Cancel button. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  5. Click the Cancel Link button to proceed.

API Integration

Converge API Resource: Payment Links

Update Payment Link

  1. Send an Update Payment Link POST request to /payment-links/{id}, where id is the payment link's resource id. Below is an example of a complete URL where to send the request:
  2. In your request, set the following parameter:
    • doCancel - This determines the status of the payment link. If set to true, the payment link is cancelled. If set to false (default), the payment link remains active.
    • cancelledBy - The user who performed the cancellation. This is an optional parameter that you can use if you want to capture this detail.
  3. Wait for the response from the /payment-links endpoint. In the response, take note of the following:
    • cancelledAt - The date and time when the payment link was cancelled.


The following is an example of a JSON request for cancelling a payment link.

    "doCancel": true

The following is an example of a successful JSON response to the request above.

    "href":  "",
    "id":  "2vtdbjxphdj9dh8pfgt3kffwbfcj",
    "merchant":  "",
    "account":  "",
    "url":  "",
    "returnUrl":  null,
    "createdAt":  "2022-06-01T17:39:36.058Z",
    "createdBy":  null,
    "modifiedAt":  "2022-06-01T17:42:02.119Z",
    "expiresAt":  "2022-06-30T12:00:00.000Z",
    "cancelledAt":  "2022-06-01T17:42:02.119Z",
    "cancelledBy":  null,
    "doCancel":  true,
    "doCapture":  null,
    "description":  null,
    "total":  {
                  "amount":  "10.00",
                  "currencyCode":  "EUR"
    "debtorAccount":  null,
    "orderReference":  null,
    "shopperEmailAddress":  null,
    "shopper":  null,
    "customReference":  null,
    "customFields":  null

For more request and response examples, and for the complete and detailed list of parameters, see the Payment Links resource.