Void Transaction

Voiding a transaction cancels a sale or a refund that has not yet been settled. It changes the transaction's status to voided. Only transactions that have authorized, captured for settlement, or held for review statuses can be voided. For transactions that have already been settled, you may only perform a refund on them, if required. For more information, see the Refund Transaction page.

Back Office UI

On the Back Office UI, voiding a transaction can only be performed by users with a Manager or Admin role.

Void a Transaction

  1. Click the Payments menu item.
  2. Click the Transactions tab.
  3. Select the transaction that has not yet been settled that you want to void. The corresponding transaction info appears.
  4. Click the Void button. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  5. Click the Void button to proceed.

Void a Transaction from a Customer's Profile

  1. Click the Customers menu item.
  2. Select the customer associated with the transaction. The corresponding customer profile appears.
  3. In the Transaction History section, select the transaction that has not yet been settled that you want to void. The corresponding transaction info appears.
  4. See steps 4 to 5 under Void a Transaction section.

API Integration

Converge API Resource: Transactions

Create Transaction

  1. Send a Create Transaction POST request to the /transactions endpoint.
  2. In your request, set the following parameters:
    • type - The transaction type. This is required. Set this field to "void".
    • parentTransaction - The transaction resource URL. This is required.
    • shopperInteraction - The type of interaction with the customer that generated this transaction. Valid values are the following: ecommerce (default), mailOrder, telephoneOrder, merchantInitiated.
  3. Wait for the response from the /transactions endpoint. In the response, take note of the following:
    • id - The transaction resource ID. This is used for retrieving and updating the transaction.
    • href - The transaction resource URL.
    • isAuthorized - Indicates whether the transaction is authorized. Voids are authorized by the gateway.
To void a transaction, the value of its state parameter must be one of the following: authorized, captured, or heldForReview. Transactions with a state other than those cannot be voided and will return an error response if a void is attempted on them.


The following is an example of a JSON request for voiding a transaction.

POST "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/transactions"
    "type": "void",
    "parentTransaction": "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/transactions/b3hmbytmjjj3cg64y24p6dffpyy6",
    "shopperInteraction": "telephoneOrder"

The following is an example of a successful JSON response to the request above.

    "href":  "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/transactions/xd99226gpxkjdbwvr3h4tkcrbvyh",
    "id":  "xd99226gpxkjdbwvr3h4tkcrbvyh",
    "createdAt":  "2022-04-05T15:28:09.692Z",
    "modifiedAt":  "2022-04-05T15:28:09.692Z",
    "type":  "void",
    "source":  "directApiCall",
    "merchant":  "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/merchants/XrDXRBh9YHxwqQTj2Cmq7j49",
    "processorAccount":  "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/processor-accounts/KmvmfQJpCBJpXHyP2kgrK2hD",
    "account":  "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/accounts/XrDXRBh9YHxwqQTj2Cmq7j49",
    "total":  {
                  "amount":  "10.00",
                  "currencyCode":  "EUR"
    "totalRefunded":  null,
    "issuerTotal":  null,
    "conversionRate":  null,
    "markupRate":  null,
    "markupRateAnnotation":  null,
    "parentTransaction":  "https://uat.api.converge.eu.elavonaws.com/transactions/b3hmbytmjjj3cg64y24p6dffpyy6",
    "description":  null,
    "shopperStatement":  null,
    "debtorAccount":  null,
    "customReference":  null,
    "shopperReference":  null,
    "processorReference":  null,
    "issuerReference":  null,
    "orderReference":  null,
    "shopperInteraction":  "telephoneOrder",
    "shopper":  null,
    "shipTo":  null,
    "shopperEmailAddress":  null,
    "shopperIpAddress":  null,
    "shopperLanguageTag":  null,
    "shopperTimeZone":  null,
    "order":  null,
    "subscription":  null,
    "credentialOnFileType":  null,
    "credentialOnFileData":  null,
    "card":  {
                 "holderName":  "John Doe",
                 "panToken":  {
                                  "token":  "9541082786056372864",
                                  "provider":  "ELAVON_C2_V1",
                                  "type":  "pan"
                 "panFingerprint":  "brwmhqf8m7q49xc9wfg6t32hbhxm",
                 "expirationMonth":  1,
                 "expirationYear":  2025,
                 "billTo":  null,
                 "maskedNumber":  "XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.1251",
                 "last4":  "1251",
                 "bin":  "510008",
                 "scheme":  "MasterCard",
                 "brand":  "MasterCard Credit",
                 "fundingSource":  "credit",
                 "issuingBank":  "INTERNATIONAL CARD SERVICES BV",
                 "issuingCountry":  "NLD",
                 "issuingCurrency":  "EUR",
                 "isDebit":  "false",
                 "isCorporate":  "false",
                 "isDccAllowed":  "true"
    "paymentLink":  null,
    "paymentSession":  null,
    "createdBy":  null,
    "modifiedBy":  null,
    "isHeldForReview":  false,
    "doCapture":  false,
    "doSendReceipt":  false,
    "isAuthorized":  true,
    "authorizationCode":  null,
    "verificationResults":  null,
    "state":  "authorized",
    "batch":  null,
    "customFields":  null,
    "relatedTransactions":  [
    "failures":  [
    "history":  [

For more request and response examples, and for the complete and detailed list of parameters, see the Transactions resource.