Appendix B: Java Error Definitions

Errors which are an instance of ECLCommerceError will have the following error codes:

CommerceSDK Initialization

Error Code Definition
ECLDeviceRooted Device is rooted and cannot be used for payment processing.
ECLSecurityLibraryNotFound Unable to find or initialize CommerceSDK encryption library.
ECLTlvLibraryNotFound Unable to find or initialize CommerceSDK TLV library.

Account Creation

Error Code Definition
ECLInvalidAccountListener Account was unable to be created because an invalid parameter was passed in.

TMS Update

Error Code Definition
ECLTmsUpdateFailure General TMS update failure. Check logs for more details.
ECLTransactionCardReaderNoneAvailable Card reader not found. Make sure it is available and already paired.
ECLCardReaderCannotSelect Card reader could not be selected for use.

Card Reader Search and Connection

Error Code Definition
ECLCardReaderSearchInProgress findDevices was called when a search was already in progress.
ECLUnableToInitialize Unable to initialize the Opayo library.
ECLConnectToPinPadInvalidParameter Invalid parameter such as null or empty pinpad name was provided when connecting.
ECLCardReaderConnectDeviceNotFound Device requested to connect was not found.
ECLCardReaderCannotConnectUnpairedDevice Device requested to connect is not paired (Bluetooth).
ECLCardReaderDisconnected Card reader was disconnected, e.g. turned off or lost bluetooth signal.
ECLCardReaderCannotConnect Card reader was available but could not be connected.
ECLBluetoothPairInvalidParameter Unable to pair device because of an invalid parameter.
ECLCardReaderNotPaired Failed to pair the card reader.
ECLCardReaderNotConnected Card reader is not connected.
ECLCardReaderConfigurationUpdateFailed Card reader configuration update failed.

Transaction Processing

Error Code Definition
ECLIllegalArgument An invalid parameter was passed in to processTransaction.
ECLTransactionCardReaderNoneAvailable Card reader not found. Make sure it is available and already paired.
ECLTransactionTransactionTypeNotSupported Tried to use a transaction type that isn't supported.
ECLTransactionFailure General transaction failure.
ECLTransactionInvalidCredentials Credentials provided were invalid.
ECLCardReaderTimeOut Transaction timed out on the card reader.


Error Code Definition
ECLAccountInvalidCredentials Credentials provided were invalid.
ECLSetCredentialFail Failed to set credentials. Credentials provided may be invalid.
ECLOperationNotSupported The requested operation is not supported.



Operator PIN update failed. Usual cause is the account is not setup to support operator PIN.
ECLCardReaderUnsupportedFeature An unsupported feature was tried for the card reader.